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About Us

Our friends call us AHASTI for short.

Alberta Health and Safety Training Institute (AHASTI) has been locally owned and operated here in Calgary by two female entrepreneurs since 2009, however AHASTI has been offering safety training courses successfully since 1996.


AHASTI prides itself on providing quality courses in a professional setting. Every candidate who successfully completes a certification course can rest assured that all program standards including timeframes, course minimum/maximums, facility space, equipment ratios and competency profiles have been met in accordance with our curriculum partners' policies, industry standards, and legislative requirements. 

Our clients, participants, students are all provided with a hands on, interactive and learner centered education geared towards building competent and confident responders for each of these lifesaving certifications.


Oh, and you might just have a little fun too!

Our Story

Our leaders are Charna Young and Lianne Sinclair. They met on a pool deck while lifeguarding at a wave pool in SE Calgary in the late 1990's. Over the years, they continued being colleagues at various recreation facilities, teaching water safety and first aid courses and lifeguarding programs and eventually joined AHASTI in 2006. Since they were both established in their respective areas and worked well together, they decided to join forces and purchase the company in the Spring of 2009. This new business collaboration combined their passion for teaching, lifesaving, safety education and mentoring others with their desire to provide quality safety training to the community. This commitment has grown AHASTI into one of Canada's largest Training Partners for the Canadian Red Cross. 

Our Goal

AHASTI aims to provide the highest quality services and the broadest selection of programs and products to businesses, industry professionals, and the public. We are a professionally driven company with value-driven employees. We value:


  • Excellent customer service – along with our quality services, programs, and products, we go the extra mile to give customers knowledgeable and reliable advice about our products and programs.


  • Our employees are encouraged to express and implement creative thoughts and initiatives by providing a diverse, flexible, and fun environment.


  • Fair-mindedness – we strive to understand the impact of our business practices to provide sensible and rational outcomes.


  • Accountability – we take responsibility for our actions.


  • Respect – to remain successful, our employees must work in an environment of mutual respect, free of discrimination and harassment, where each employee is regarded as part of the AHASTI team.


  • Strong relationships are built on trust, honesty, integrity, and respect. We listen and respond to the needs of customers, employees, affiliates, stakeholders, vendors, and educational supporters.


  • The Environment – we are committed to decreasing our environmental footprint by implementing a recycling program for all employees and customers and reducing our demand for renewable and non-renewable resources.

Meet the Team

Charna is one of AHASTI's owners.



Lianne is one of AHASTI's owners.



A wonderful staff person.


Program Administration Coordinator/Instructor:

First Aid Department

Melissa is the voice on the phone.


Program Administration Coordinator:

Instructor and Industrial Department

Still looking for dynamic staff


Program Administration Coordinator: First Aid and Corporate Bookings

Stacey's knows all about EMR!


Program Administration Coordinator/Instructor:

AFA/EMS Department


Full Time Instructor - First Aid Department


EMS Program Coordinator/Instructor

flowers in vase


Customer Service Associate

Bouquet of Flowers


Many more talented and dedicated professionals.

You may know this instructor as Bow Tie Bob!


AHASTI would love to hear your feedback and/or concerns. Please email us at or fill out the form below.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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