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Medical Standby Services

We provide a full suite of medical standby services from which businesses can choose the best solution for their environment. If you are unsure which level of service or support you require, we are well versed in legislative requirements and can recommend the best options given location, risk exposure, and budget. Not all events require a registered practitioner or ambulance. Our teams can respond to all in attendance at your event by providing a high standard of care until local EMS staff arrives. We've even been known to dress 'incognito', so guests didn't even know we were there. 

Our diverse teams are made up of Standard First Aiders, Advanced First Aiders, Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs) and Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs). 

Here are some of the events AHASTI Medical Teams have been able to support to date:

  • Sporting Events - marathons, bike tours, jujitsu tournaments

  • Concerts - public and private

  • Special Events - Stampede Breakfasts, Company picnics

  • Movie and TV productions

  • Large Gatherings - Private and public holiday parties

  • Job Sites - employee relief - short and long term contract

Schedule: We offer these services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Highest quality field emergency medical support anywhere, anytime for our clients

Medical Standby Request

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