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Advanced First Aid (AFA), Medical First Responder (MFR),
ITLS Courses

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Advanced First Aid (AFA)
Full Course and Recertification 

This CSA Advanced First Aid (AFA) and CPR/AED course builds on the knowledge and skills learned in the Standard First Aid program. Learners will gain the knowledge and skills to provide appropriate patient assessments, interventions, and ongoing care in the workplace.


Medical First Responder (MFR)
Full Course and Recertification

AHASTI's Medical First Reponder (MFR) includes the CSA approved Canadian Red Cross Advanced First Aid with BLS/AED along with ITLS Basic Provider and one day of MFR protocol review and practice. This course meets Fire Department application requirements. Red Cross AFA upgrade to AHASTI's MFR and Recertification of AHASTI's MFR both now available.

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ITLS Basic/Advanced
Provider and Renewal

International Trauma Life Support Provider - Basic and Advanced courses include knowledge and skills training. Provider is appropriate for all levels of EMS personnel—from Medical First Responders, EMRs, paramedics, trauma nurses, and physicians.

Manual: Students must have a 9th edition ITLS Manual for the in-class portions of the program. These may be purchased from AHASTI, borrowed from a friend or colleague or purchased from other sources. 

Which do you need?

Provider Course - Recommended for new or expired candidate. Two full days in class (16 hours).

  • Basic $400

  • Advanced $450


Renewal Course - Recommend for those holding a current ITLS card and have not yet expired. One full day in class (8 hours).

  • Basic $250

  • Advanced $300


Completer Course - Recommend for those with vast trauma care experience that are new to ITLS or have recently expired. Online eTrauma program completion followed by one full day in class (8 hours).

  • Basic $250

  • Advanced $300


Rapid Renewal Course - Recommended for those with vast trauma care experience holding a current ITLS card and have not yet expired. Online Rapid Renewal program completion followed by 2-3 hours of in class testing.

  • Basic $150

  • Advanced $200

ITLS Instructor Course - Ever considered becoming an ITLS Instructor? Download the ITLS application and submit to ITLS directly a minimum of 30 days BEFORE any ITLS Instructor Course for approval. 

Doctor's Visit

Red Cross First Responder
Full Course and Recertification

The Canadian Red Cross First Responder (FR) Program is for those interested in extra First Response knowledge. Learn extra knowledge and skills that are great for sporting events, illnesses, and injuries, or in case of emergencies until additional help arrives.

This program is great for athletic therapists, Security, and volunteer Fire Departments. Please note that although it is approved for some industries in other provincial jurisdictions, it is not approved as a workplace first aid program or responder level in Alberta.


Those applying to the Calgary or Edmonton  Fire Department should take the Advanced First Aid, AHASTI's Medical First Responder Program or AHASTI Emergency Medical Responder Program.


Red Cross Bridging Courses

The Canadian Red Cross Bridging Courses allow participants that hold a Canadian Red Cross Responder certificate to upgrade to another Responder level. Available Bridging Courses include:

  • First Responder to Advanced First Aid

  • First Responder to Emergency Medical Responder

  • Advanced First Aid to Emergency Medical Responder

  • Emergency Medical Responder to Advanced First Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer ITLS Provider - Advanced?

  • Yes. Please call our Customer Service for more information.

Are the manuals included in these courses?

  • The AFA course and the AFA portion of the MFR programs come with an e-book version included in the cost of the course. If you would like to purchase a physical copy of the manual it is able to be added to your courses at check out.

  • The ITLS program does require participants to have a copy of the 9th edition physical manual. Participants may purchase a copy of the manual at checkout or source their own.

How do I transfer my AFA certification to an OFA3 to work in BC?

  • Work Safe BC has specific requirements to transfer an AFA certification to an OFA Level 3. For more information on these requirements please visit their site. First Aid Attendant Certification

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